Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Happened to the Sunday Coupons?

O.K.....SERIOUSLY, what the hell is going on? I went to buy the Houston Chronicle (which I never ever buy) and when I got home, I opened the paper and section by section dissected it to get to the coupons and NADA....NOTHING! There was not one coupon in the damn paper. WTF? I found all the store circulars, but no coupons. I was so disappointed, because I really wanted to start using coupons and I was so let down.

The whole reason of creating this blog was so I could learn how to use coupons and share my links with this blogger friendly mommy's out there, but thanks to Houston Chronicle I will have to wait until next Sunday to start clipping coupons.

Now I shared this idea with my best friend who does not believe anything is for free, but I intend on showing her that if all the other SAHM's out there can do it, so can we! You know be Penny Pinching Moms and get groceries for almost nothing or at least FREE! Free, I like free who doesn't like getting something for free? I mean I get all excited just thinking of all the great free stuff from the coupons out there waiting to come home with me and stock up my shelves and fridge.

My best friend thinks, I have completely gone bananas, but let me explain my ration behind my whole new idea about clipping coupons......Recently, I ran across a local lady who has a blog. On her blog she talks about how she brings home bags and bags of groceries for little to nothing. And most of the time her groceries are FREE! (I didn't know this was possible?) She even discussed how you can get free make-up, toilet paper, (and shows photos of her items and receipts) and everything in general for free or next to nothing by using coupons and matching them up with the sales in the store circulars. WOW!! I was so intrigued by her blog and surprised that there were tons of other bloggers who knew this, but I was so clueless to all the freebies you get by using COUPONS!

So I decided to try and do the same. I figured why not save a little money for my family and get my stuff for practically free! If it is working for other SAHM's and Working Mom's than why can't I put it to good use and do the same. So that is why I went out and bought the damn paper. I had planned this Sunday to cut and clip the coupons. I even went as far as organizing a note book with sections and page holders to store the coupons and circulars. But much to my dismay, I was screwed by the Houston Chronicle. BECAUSE.....there were No coupons. So I will have to try again next Sunday and see what happens. I am planning on calling the Chronicle to ask if this Sunday's paper even had coupons?

Anyone out there in coupon world have any advice to share with me 'the newbie coupon pinching Mommy?'



  1. Thank goodness I forgot to buy the paper this weekend! Don't worry. On holiday weekends sometimes there are no coupons. I am not sure why. And which local blog are you talking about? I would love to visit that blog.

  2. Ahh..that would explain why there were no coupons. Thanks for sharing that with me.

    I am referring to Katy Couponers, but will post other great blogs with links for freebies and coupons as well. Here is the link:

  3. Hi Nina! I commend you on your new coupon journey! It is SO exciting to find out that there is such a fun, legitimate (aka: legal) way to get so much for your home for just pennies or even FREE! Isn't it great? Nina, there are SO MANY woderful blogger resources, I learn something almost every day and I have been couponing for years! Check my blog list on the right side of my blog for the blogs I follow, these ladies are amazing and many of them outline EXACTLY what you can do! Where are you located? I am in FL and our stores do not double coupons, but many states do, and those deals blow my mind! BUT, it can be done very well without the doubles too! While you are waiting for your next round of Sunday coupons, you can be scouring the coupon queen blogs and PRINTING many great coupons that are good for so many of the great deals at stores like Walgreens and CVS. Let me know if you ever have a question (there is an email link on my blog home page), I'm happy to help if I can. By the way, YES, Jennifer is correct because there are NO coupons on major holidays. This usually includes Easter, Presidents Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Basically, and there is not a hard and fast rule on this, if the mail doesn't run that FRI or MON there will likely not be coupons. I suggest that you look for ways to get a couple of papers free also, from friends or neighbors. That way, you even save there. But definitely get at least 2 papers a week! This way, you can take advantage of any buy one get one free (B1G1F) deals out there. I like to have 4 minimum and up to 10 if the inserts are good! Best wishes to you, you're going to have a blast!
    Warmly, Tracey C. (ps-sorry for such a long comment! I get carried away!)

  4. Don't Give UP!!!! It's exciting you're going to enter the "evil: world of couponing! Boo ha ha ha!!!! Tracey hit it right - a lot of holiday weekends, the coupons don't appear in the paper.

    I use some online coupon printing websites as well - (my fav), , , . These are the ones I use the most.

    I set my printer on a medium quality, black only. If you go low quality, the barcodes won't scan. If you go high quality, you just waste ink.

    I do get most of my coupons from the paper though - so start fresh next week!!! I did a blog post when I first started blogging in August for Newbies, here's the link if you are interested:

    Anyways, I'm babbling and should be cleaning. Good Luck!!

  5. Thank you Becky for the links. I will definitely read your newbie link on your blog. I am very excited about saving money and getting addicted to being a coupon saving mommie!

    -Nina :)

  6. Kudo's to you on your coupon journey. I know plenty of folks who get tons of something for little to nothing! It takes tons of time, organization, and patience to coupon successfully but clipping coupons is only part of the puzzle. You have to use them in conjunction with the store's sale & the double or triple coupon days to gain significant savings. There aren't any stores within a 80 mile radius of me who double or triple coupons so I rely more on price matching and store sales to help save on our budget. I clip coupons but only the great coupons (none of those "Save $.50 on this when you buy 4 of those" coupons). I'm sure I'd do much better if I was better organized-I just haven't found a system that works for me yet. I do have two tips for you.

    1)Don't buy something simply because you have a great coupon for it. If you won't use it or donate to someone who can or will use it or it's not "free"-don't bother with it. You don't save money by spending on things because you can get it for next to nothing (even thought it's very tempting!

    2)Separate your items when you checkout. Put all your items with coupons together (& have coupons ready), all your price matching items together (& have the store circular's ready with the item circled if possible), and the regular check out stuff together. You'll still get one receipt but it's easier for the cashier to ring it up this way-plus it's easier to see how you're saving money. Let the cashier know up front you have coupons, price match, etc. Finally, be selective on your cashier (especially at places like Walmart). A younger or happier looking person is generally is more cooperative than someone who looks like they're on the tail end of a 12 hour work day in 6" heels! ;) Remember: A happy cashier is a helpful cashier!

    Good luck on your journey and may you save tons of money!

  7. Thanks for the advice Jennifer. It will come in very handy.

    Have a great week.

    -Nina :)

  8. Nina, go to this post on HCW for an idea of what weeks to avoid buying a newspaper

    Also you can go to on Thursdays and get an idea of the coupons that should be coming out on Sunday(some brands and values vary).

    Thanks for reading my blog, I appreciate hearing that I am helping to inspire others to save BIG money at the grocery store.

  9. Sorry for the late response, but thanks ZM.